Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dog wedding attendant?

A wedding dog attendant, also commonly known as; a wedding nanny, dog wedding service or pet attendant, is a pet care professional handling your dog for special events.

What if the venue isn't dog-friendly?

Let us work with your venue! We're not magicians, but we are solution seekers. We will contact your venue and find out their exact policies and limitations with having your dog on your wedding day. For the most part, venues do not allow dogs on their premises due to insurance and liability, meaning they don't have insurance for pets. However, we are fully insured, licensed, bonded, and carry additional insurance covering us in the entire country. Our insurance coverage could provide your venue with the assurance of no liability since we assume full responsibility for your dog. This opens up lots of flexibility, and they might want to give us an exact plan of action on how we can help you include your pup. Furthermore, if the venue's "no pet policy" is super strict, we will happily work with you and talk through other ways you can include your dog in your wedding day as well to set a plan to bring them for photos at your desired location.  

Do you provide transportation?

Oh yes! It is included in all of our wedding attendant packages for your convenience. Our method of transportation is on our Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van. Our van is a tiny home on wheels we have built equipped with all the safety gear you could ever imagine. Our van will have a crate for your dog with a bed for comfort... Of course, everyone must wear seat belts - dogs included! If your dog hates the crate, that's no biggie; we can gladly make a plan to accommodate your furbaby for that scenario. 

Talk about a full luxury wedding dog service!

How is a wedding dog attendant different from a pet sitter?

A wedding dog attendant has the expertise, training, and handling of dogs at formal events. Happy Bark & Tails will work with your dog and even create an itinerary for them to always be on time. We will coordinate all the fine details with your wedding planner before the wedding to ensure we are arriving promptly.

Large crowds…Who?
Your dog's personal assistant, also known as your wedding attendant, has the expertise to have your pup entertained while coping with large crowds of people.  

We know you love your dog to the moon and back — but not to worry about your dog jumping on you and getting your dress or tux dirty. We'll ensure paws are off your attire unless instructed otherwise by you.

We are experienced self-proclaimed "dog head tilters" our photo assistance during your pictures will be pretty epic! In addition, we carry a well-equipped bag of top-secret goodies that will make any dog tilt their head for pictures.

Are you LGBTQ-friendly?


I want to include my dog in my wedding day, but my dog is pretty nuts! Can you help me?

Yes, we can. Well, we've never met a dog that wasn't a little nuts :) this is a standard question we ask pretty often. We believe every dog is different, and therefore, we have a different approach to every dog we serve. Starting with a meet & greet before your wedding, then creating a customized plan for your dog to thrive on the day of your wedding.

Can you take care of my dog after the wedding?

We sure can.  We happily offer post-wedding care for your pup. Find out more information here.

general pet care questions


We are one of the most experienced pet care companies in the Somerset,NJ area. We hire only the most responsible and dedicated pet sitters – We proudly employ our staff; we do not hire contractors. Our staff are actual company employees making a living wage and earning benefits like sick leave. They go through extensive training to learn the HBT way. You always know who is coming to your home, there will never be someone caring who your pet whom you haven’t met.


This is our full-time job!  We provide dog walking and pet care services as a full-time company. This is not our side gig for additional income. This is our profession of choice.
  • Our staff are actual employed by our company- we never subcontract.
  • Our staff are the real deal— professional, dependable, truly animal lovers and all-around good people. At HBT we have an extensive on-the training which includes; basic canine behavior/language, puppy basics, Pet CPR ad Pet First Aid. 
  • We are available all year round.
  • We’re flexible – just let us know what you need, and we will do our best to support you!


Our happy clients are glad to speak with you about their experience with HBT. 


Yes, we are bonded and insured members of Pet Sitters Associates. We can also provide prospective clients with copies of this documentation.


A Meet & Greet is a in-home consultation and is conducted prior to commencing services –This consultation allows you and your family to meet the Happy Bark & Team. The in-home consultation also allows us gather important information (vet information, emergency contact, etc.) You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Meet & Greets are complimentary for new clients who set up a recurring schedule of visits. Additional meet & greets beyond our initial introduction may be set up for $50.


Dog walking:
When you initially meet with HBT, we will ask for a general time you'd like your dog to be walked. Due to the nature of our activities, specific visit times cannot be guaranteed. Typically, walks and visits are completed within a two – three hour window.
Cat Sitting:
Daily Cat Visits: The service timeframe for daily cat visits is 8am - 4pm. Evening visits can be scheduled if desired.


We provide all clients with detailed reports + pictures for each of our visits.  You will receive notification upon our arrival and also upon our departure. 

full-service pet care company

We make pet parenting easy as one, two, treat - with exceptionally dependable & straightforward services.

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