We help modern pet parents celebrate their wedding with their pups by their side, and bring luxury dog care into reach with daily dog walks and concierge overnight care that gives you peace of mind, always. 


even when youre not present.

There’s nothing like knowing your dog is loved & safe,

Professional Dog Walker & Wedding Dog Sitter

That’s why we founded HAPPY BARK & TAILS.

We are Madeline and Gabriel. As pet parents ourselves, we get how hard it is to find someone you can trust to care for your pet.

Our mission

When we got our first Golden Doodle Lola, we knew we’d need some extra support caring for her on weekdays. 

Before we knew it, both Gabriel and I were both full-time in the business, and soon after my brother Juan joined us, making us a fully family owned and operated business. Instead of growing into a vast network, we’ve intentionally stayed small to provide impeccable care and five-star hospitality in the pet care industry. Instead of contracting people you don’t know (or trust), you’ll always be able to put a face to the name and never wonder who is taking care of your dog.

Where we are today

Zero calls later, I realized it would take a greater commitment and little something extra to set us apart. Without skipping a beat, I left my hospitality job to go all-in on our mission to make luxury pet care accessible and fun.

Our Light bulb moment

At the time, I was putting my business degree to work at a five-star diamond hotel in Manhattan (great job, but the stress made my hair fall out). We interviewed dozens of dog walkers but couldn’t find anyone we trusted with our dog. 

After that final interview, I printed up 500 flyers on our alma mater’s copy machine and pasted them on every message board on campus. 

How it all started

From that day forward, Royal Dog of Honor became a signature service. Instead of simply showing up to your wedding with your dog in tow for a few hours, we do so much more– dressing your dog in wedding attire from our dog fashion closet, spending all day (or all night) caring for them, and capturing photos from your pet’s point of view so you can cherish the memory of sharing your wedding day with your other best friend!
From day one, we’ve always been about bringing 5-star treatment to pet care, delivering top-quality service and concierge care– because every dog is different. As mankind’s best friend (and part of the family), pets deserve only the best we can give them. We take pride in being a small but mighty team, and we can’t wait to serve you and your pups one day soon.

In the early days of our business, we primarily served busy pet parents through dog walking and pet sitting services. But when a friend of ours was getting married and wanted to include her dog in her wedding, we couldn’t believe the reaction we received! 

of Honor

Royal Dog

The story behind

- Dana R.

“Happy Bark & Tails was the best dog caretaker for my pup! I am so thankful for Madeline's kindness and care for my dog. She was always right by her side. I seriously can’t thank you enough. You made my dream come true by having Addie on my wedding day! If you are thinking about hiring someone to take care of your dog, look no further! They are the best in the business!”


- Megan I.

"From the initial meeting we knew she was going to be a great fit. To this day she takes great care of our cats! We gave her a key (which she keeps secure) and she comes to our house around the same time every day. She feeds our cats, cleans the litter box and plays with them. Madeline will also email me pictures and an update daily. Her attention to detail and level of care can’t be surpassed! Highly recommend!”

"we needed to find a reliable cat sitter... Luckily We found Madeline!"

- Mary K.

"We have been with Madeline and Gabriel for over two years now- and they have been nothing short of incredible. They know these are your family members- and the care they provide reflects that. Molly loves her weekly pack-walks with Mr. Gabriel! They also board Molly when we are out of town- and because of the care they provide, my husband and I can enjoy our time away knowing Molly is in great hands!"

"Happy Bark & Tails is wonderful, providing stellar, top-notch service!"


deserve peace of mind.

and your dog

Because you