PET sitting

pet sitting or boarding

Disclosure: To ensure our safety, Happy Bark & Tails will only serve pups who are 100% human friendly. 

Professional overnight pet sitting at your home or hotel room— This is a great alternative to boarding; keeping your pet happy + stress free in the comfort of their environment. The fact of the matter is that some dogs just do better at home & we understand that. We are here to keep your dog companionship in the space where they thrive, and that’s home. So you can enjoy your wedding while your pup is safely cared by us.

  • 12 hours overnight stay
  • Evening & Morning walk
  • Food + Water  
  • Text/email updates 
  • unlimited TLC

dog Sitting

starting at $170 per/night

Our Dog Boarding service are provided in the comfort of our private HOME where your furbaby are taken care of like family. We meet the individual needs of each dog by giving them personal attention and providing them with companionship. While you get married, you can rest assure to know your fur baby are in their home away from home with Happy Bark & Tails.

  • 24-hour care and supervision in a clean, healthy and safe environment.
  • Comfortable furniture, doggie beds to lounge on & free roam of the home.
  • Daily routine maintained for feeding, exercise, water and medications.
  • A full day of daytime activities; daily walks and field trip adventures 
  • Lots of love and affection during their stay!
  • Daily updates on the well-being of your dog with some pictures too!
  • Complimentary pick up + drop off to and from your home (distance exclusions apply) 
  • Peace of mind knowing your dog is being loved and cared for with us

starting at $150 per/night


  1. We have our friendly & playful dogs of our own therefore we can only accept dogs that are friendly and do not take issue with being around other dogs or humans.
  2. Aggressive dogs of any sort will not be accepted.
  3. All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations including kennel cough/Bordetella.
  4. All Dogs must be spayed + Neutered
  5. Please bring enough food for the duration of your dog’s stay along with any treats and medication. Properly labeled with written instructions.
  6. We do not require crates, toys, dog beds or dog bowls. However, you are welcome to bring a dog bed or blanket if your dog is attached to it.
  7. We offer complimentary boarding drop-offs and pick-ups from your home to ours during the mornings. After hours drop off and/or pick up is available for a small fee.

Our Requirements

 Cats are homebodies and we support that! We believe that cats are best off when left in the comfort and safety of their own home. Happy Bark & Tails understand every cat is different, so rest assured that our visits are 100% customized to meet our feline friend’s needs.We do our absolute best to keep their routine as consistent as possible in order to reduce boredom and stress.


  • Foodie - Serving your cat’s yummy food: Wet, Dry or Raw.
  • H20 - We clean + sanitize the bowl and refill with water.
  • Power Scooping - Daily litter box scooping. Clean litter = happy cats
  • Clean Up - Kitty accidents are thoroughly wiped clean
  • Kitty Fun - Playtime, whether that is a laser, or feathers wand. We keep your cats happy at play.
  • Updates - We send you daily updates along with pictures. Text or E-mail
  • Plant Care - We will water your plants as needed.
  • Mail Service - We can get your mail and bring in any packages.

cat Sitting

starting at $25 per/visit

*In order to provide the best possible care and in keeping with the terms of our insurance policy, we require a minimum of one visit per day for cats – we do not offer every other day visits.

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Step 02: Complete the Questionaire

We’ll promptly reply to your inquiry with a questionnaire for you to complete.

Step 03: Schedule your Meet & Greet

Next, we will send you our availability link for you to book an ideal date and time that would work for us to meet you and your pets. 

Step 04: Sign-up for Services

Welcome to the family! After a successful in-home meet and greet, you can now sign up for services and inform us of your official start date. 

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