Doggy Field Trip

Doggy Field Trips

starting at $60/Trip

Sometimes a walk is not enough to satisfy the needs some dog breeds.
If socialization and exercise are what your dog needs, our Doggy Field Trips is the answer! Happy Bark & Tails will provide 1.5 to 2 hours of fetch, swimming*, (seasonal activities) tail chasing and return home happy, tired, clean and dried. Just like people, our dogs enjoy being around their friends too! Allowing them time and space to socialize with other like-minded animals will go a long way toward improving your dog’s health, happiness and behavior.

Our Doggy Field Trips are perfect for…


Long Commuters

bored dogs


High energy Breeds

All Dogs are Welcome


Some of the super energetic dog breeds that would love our trips:

Border Collies

Australian Shepherds



Australian Cattle Dogs


Labrador Retrievers


What’s included in the Doggy Field Trip

Pick-up and drop off in our clean + fully insured vehicle


Fun + Exercise

Water refreshment

Meals (if necessary)

Notification upon arrival and departure

TLC by the tons

Requirements for Doggy Field Trip

Must be a regular dog walking client (walking a minimum of 3x per/week)

Must be 100% dog friendly

Must be spayed or neutered

Must be up on all vaccines as per the HBT terms of agreement

Must be at least 7months old

Doggy Field Trip Pricing

The pawfect add-ons

additional hour $50

additional dog $30

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