Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Starting at $27/walk

To maintain our standard of excellent service with a consistent walker for every client, we require dog walking clients to meet the minimum service requirement of three (3) scheduled service days per week.

Walking more than 3 times per week? Then check out our discounted monthly packages starting at 4 walks per week.

Give your dog a break from a long day at home with walking and playtime!

Much like us hoomans, dogs need regular and consistent exercise to live a balanced, healthy, and happy life. That’s where we come in – We provide a completely customized walk/visit according to your dog’s needs because we understand that every dog is different.

HBT is here to enrich your dog’s life, by helping them become both mentally and physically healthy.

Our Dog Walking Services are perfect for…

NY Commuters

Long hours at work

Busy professionals

bored dogs

Socializing Dogs

What’s included in your dog’s walk?

Fun + Exercise

Routine Building

Water refreshment

Meals (if necessary)

Reinforcement of training

Notification upon arrival and departure

TLC by the tons

Dog Walking Pricing

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