How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Celebrate your special day with your fur baby

Wedding Dog of Honor, Cheeto. Photography by Happy Bark & Tails

Here comes the dog of honor …

Every wedding has a few notable members of the wedding party: the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, the maid of honor, the best man — the dog of honor? If man’s best friend lives up to its name, then you’ll want your fur baby to stand by you on one of the best days of your life. But exactly how do you include your dog on your wedding day?

At Happy Bark & Tails, we’ve had the pleasure of seeing creative ways that couples invite their four-legged friend to their wedding day. Here are some fun, cute ways you can share your wedding day with your precious pup.

Play Doggie Dress Up for Pictures

Best Dog, Oreo. Photography by Happy Bark & Tails

Know how great your pup looks after a day at the groomer? Give him or her that same royal treatment for your wedding (plus a little extra)! Your dog will love looking its best for your special day, so don’t be shy about dolling them up for the occasion.

A simple bow tie or flower collar will do the trick nicely. Or, you could go all out on customized bandanas in your wedding colors, tuxedo harnesses, or blinged-out leashes.

Our wedding day dog care team can wash and dress your pup for the big day, as well as bring them to your wedding ready to shine. We can’t promise they won’t steal the show, though!

Turn Your Dog into a Ring Bearer

Dog Of Honor, Talan with his mom at her wedding. Photography by Happy Bark & Tails

Want your dog to play a larger role in your wedding beyond pictures? You might be surprised at just how well they can carry a ring pillow! Let your pup fill the role of ring bearer or flower dog (or both!).

Some of our clients let their dogs be escorted by human flower girls and ring bearers to be part of the procession. Others have studiously trained their dogs for months to carry a pillow. One client even designed and decorated a special wagon for their dog to ride down the aisle! Because let’s face it — your dog already thinks it’s a person.

Let Your Pup Escort the Flower Girl

Flower Gal, Penny at her parent’s wedding. Photography by Happy Bark & Tails

There’s just something about kids with dogs that make you say Awwww! Of course, we don’t want anything stealing the spotlight from the married couple-to-be. But letting your dog accompany the flower girl is sure to capture hearts on both sides of the aisle.

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