Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Starting at $125+ per/night

Professional overnight pet sitting at your home— This is a great alternative to boarding; keeping your pet happy + stress free in the comfort of their environment. The fact of the matter is that some dogs just do better at home & we understand that. We are here to keep your dog companionship in the space where they thrive, and that’s HOME.

Is it a vacation, a weekend getaway, business trip, weeding, or any other engagements? Can’t bring your pet? Don’t you worry.
Happy Bark & Tails is here for you! We will care for your pet at your home while you’re away. We will mimic your pet’s daily routine as if you were home. We sit with our pet parents and build a completely customized package that works best for their specific needs.

The Bark & Tails Exprience

12-hour Overnight Stays

Evening & Morning Walk

Food & Water

Text/Email Updates

Unlimited TLC

In addition to caring for your pets, we also provide you with the added comfort of looking after your home too.

Plant Care

Bringing in the mail, packages or newspaper

Taking the trash cans in/out

Alternate Blinds

to ensure our safety, Happy Bark & Tails will only serve pups who are 100% human friendly.

Pet Sitting Pricing

The Pawfect Add-Ons

30-minutes Midday Walk $27

45-minutes Midday Walk $32

1-hour Midday Walk $40

Grocery Shopping $35/hour

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